Why It Works
The Science Behind Bird Control

Gull Patrol does not use poisons in anyway to control avian pests. Our approach is environmentally friendly and ethical.

By flying our Hawks in an area that is frequented by the pest species we are able to replicate, and instill a natural fear following the predator prey dynamics causing them to seek new areas that are predator free.

Although it is natural for birds of prey to hunt and indeed kill prey our birds are not trained to kill only to scare pest species.

All the birds used by Gull Patrol have been sourced from responsible UK breeders and have never been taught to hunt as they have been raised in captivity.

Our birds are trained with positive reinforcement and are free to fly under the close watch of their handlers before returning back for a food reward.

The aim of flying in this way means avian pests learn that the area is not safe so will naturally move away from harm and danger.

Fortunately gulls and pigeons do not become habituated to the threats from birds of prey, however they may be persistent and not always leave straight away.

We would usually recommend a tailored program of visits that suit your specific needs to maintain the presence of a predator, providing routine additional follow-up visits to support the deterrent.