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Bird Control Over Land And Water

Controlling your gull or pigeon problems with our amazing Harris Hawks

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Thames Marinas
Bird control for Thames marinas

Gull Patrol offer a specialised bird control service to marinas situated along the Thames.

Gulls can be a particular problem for marinas and boat owners who despair at the unsightly mess and the damage these birds can do to their expensive boats and motor yachts.

Operating from our dedicated river boat our trained hawks fly from the vessel to clear the marinas of the bird pest species.

Towns, Cities & Businesses
Bird Control for towns, cities & businesses

Pigeons and gulls are a massive problem in our towns and cities.

They cause mess, damage to buildings and are a health hazard.

Harris Hawks are the ideal bird control weapon to scare and control bird pests in town centres, the urban environment and business premises.

Our amazing hawks can successfully operate at factories, industrial parks, schools, warehouses, hotels, sports stadiums, hospitals, domestic property and more.

Meet The Gull Patrol Hawks
Our talented team of Harris Hawks

We have a fantastic team of stunning Harris Hawks with each of our feathered colleagues a valued member of our bird control team.

Harris Hawks are ideal for this type of bird control. They are intelligent, agile, and if well trained, as our hawks are of course, amazingly loyal and obedient.

Our birds are trained to scare pigeons and seagulls, not to attack them. The intention is to clear the area of bird pest species, not to hurt them.

Our handlers have spent, and continue to spend, an enormous amount of time training and getting to know their hawks and have established strong and loyal bonds with their birds.

A Real Nuisance For Your Business
Damage - Mess - Health Hazard

Mess & Damage

A lot of pigeons and gulls means a lot of mess.

Pigeons and seagulls are not just a nuisance but they also cause damage to buildings and property.

This can include the dislodging of roof tiles, the blocking of guttering and corrosion to mortar, masonry and surfaces from their acidic faeces.

Their droppings are unsightly and may cause pavements and walkways to become dangerously slippery under foot.

Not least, pigeon and gull mess makes buildings look dirty and unsightly.

Health Hazard

Gulls and pigeons are a health hazard.

They can spread bacteria and diseases such as lymes disease, which like many others can be transfered to humans.

The presence of pigeons and seagulls can pose a very real threat to people living or working in close proximity to populations of these pests.

Other Issues

Gulls can be quite aggressive in their territory causing them to mob anything that is deemed a threat to them or their chicks.

This can cause an added risk to public safety as well a domesticated animals such as small dogs and cats.

Flocks of gulls and pigeons can make a lot of noise which is a common complaint from businesses who’s employees find it difficult to concentrate on work with such noise as a distraction to them and their customers.

Bird Control
using our stunning Gull Patrol Harris Hawks

Range Of Bird Control Services
Each situation assessed by our experts

Every situation is assessed individually by our bird control experts to determine the best way to deal with that particular problem.

Depending on the location, circumstances and severity of the bird pest problem it may be necessary to undertake a longer term flying programme and possibly combine falconry with other methods of bird control.

If you are having an issue with pest birds please fill out our online form and a member of our team will be in contact with you to determine the best approach for you.

We assess and quote for each case individually, meaning we are able to give the most effective and comprehensive service.